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KAKAO FRIENDS Choonsik Warm Bathtub Humidifier

KAKAO FRIENDS Choonsik Warm Bathtub Humidifier

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  • Choonsik is soaking in the cozy, humid vibes and keeping your air with just the perfect humidity. Choonsik is actually looking like it's enjoying the warm bath!

  • Size:  8.3 x 8 x 3.4 cm (400ml)
  • User Manual
    • Push the lid of the humidifier to the direction of the Choonsik figure.
    • Fill the humidifier with water slightly beneath the MAX line of 400ml.
    • Slide the lid back on and close it.
    • Press the power button (duck figure) to operate the humidifier.
      • 1st touch: Continuous spray and humidifying mode
      • 2nd touch: Intermittent spraying
      • 3rd touch: Power off
      • *Please wait 1-2 seconds after you press the power button. Pressing the buttons continuously will cause the item to malfunction.*
      • *For safety purposes, the humidifier will turn off automatically after 4 hours of continuous spray mode.*
    • Disclaimer
      • Please use only for the intended purpose, do not disassemble or assemble the product arbitrarily.
      • Be careful not to drop the product or subject it to shock, as this may cause malfunction.
      • Before using the product, be sure to read the instructions and precautions in the manual before use.
      • Be careful not to operate the product without sufficient water as it may cause a fire.
      • Change the water in the bucket frequently as there is a risk of bacterial growth when stored for a long time.
      • Replace the filter every 2-3 months.
        (It may vary depending on the number of uses and environment, and if the filter is discolored, please replace it immediately).
      • When using distilled and purified water (such as water from a water dispenser), excessive water may accumulate in the spout. We recommend using plain water such as tap water.
      • Be sure to take out the filter and wet it thoroughly with water before use. If it is not sufficiently wet, the humidifier may not work.
      • Please make sure NOT to add water above the 'MAX' mark on the display. Filling it higher than the baseline may reduce the amount of humidification or cause water to overflow when the lid is closed.
      • Do not tilt or shake the product when it contains water.
      • Do not block the humidification holes or insert foreign objects. This may cause a malfunction.
      • In case of blockage of the humidifying holes or inability to humidify, gently wipe with a cotton swab dampened with water. Do not physically irritate with sharp metal, as this will cause product failure.
      • When cleaning the vibrator, gently wipe it with a cotton swab dampened with water. Rubbing with strong force may cause damage to the microscopic holes.
      • Be sure to use a charger that meets the rated voltage. Using a fast charging cable and charger that does not meet the rated voltage may result in poor charging, strong heat generation, or device malfunction and cannot be exchanged or returned.
        • Rated voltage:  DC 5V1A
      • Do not charge or leave the device unattended for a long time as this may cause malfunctions.
      • Be careful in humid environments and do not allow the product to get wet.
      • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
      • We are not responsible for damages and defects caused by user's carelessness.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy


    • Most of our products are pre-order products, which means that we order the item after you place an order. Once you have placed an order through the website, we start to process it-ordering, packing, shipping, etc.
    • If you would like to cancel your order for whatever reasons, you must reach out to us at in 24 hours. In this case, we will charge an administration fee to cover the cost of our merchant provider penalties and time. This amount (4.5% of the entire order amount) will be deducted from the amount that you are refunded. Please note that you may also be charged a fee from your card provider for refunds.
    • Refund or reshipment will NOT be made if the delivery was failed due to incorrect address provided during the order process.
    • Exchanges and refunds due to defective goods or missing components are available under the following conditions. If the conditions below are met, we will provide you with a partial or full refund, depending on the extent of the defect or omission, or a replacement.
      • No more than 3 days have passed since the arrival of the package.
      • You have documented video footage taken from the moment you open the package (you should be filming right before you open the package, with the shipping label still intact)
      • The initial defect or missing component is obvious and not due to your own fault.
      • If the above conditions are met, we will provide you with a partial or full refund, depending on the extent of the defect or omission, or a replacement with a new product.
    • ** If the products are damaged during shipment, you must take detailed photos of the outer box with the shipping label still intact, along with photos of the damaged product and send them to us via email.
    • We are not responsible if the package is discarded or returned to us because you didn't pay customs taxes in your country. Refunds are NOT available in this case. Please check your country's laws regarding import taxes and duties. If you wish to have it reshipped to you, you will need to pay for extra shipping costs required.
      • Once the order has a tracking number assigned, we cannot cancel or refund the order.


      PRE-ORDER ITEMS (if applicable)

      • If your order consists of items that have a specific date of shipping in the future stated in the product description, eg (This product is on pre-order and will start shipping after 13th June 2023.), cancellation or refund requests will NOT be accepted. This applies even to emails or messages made within 24 hours.


      POP-UP STORE ITEMS (if applicable)

      • If your order consists of items that are being sold at an offline pop up store in Korea, cancellation or refund requests made before the closing of the pop up store will NOT be accepted. This is due to the time needed to travel to the store to secure the items.
      • In the case that we cannot manage to secure the item by the time the pop up store closes, we will send you an email regarding the situation and arrange for an order cancellation and refund.


      SALE ITEMS (if applicable)

      • Only regular priced items may be refunded/cancelled. Unfortunately, items on sale cannot be refunded/cancelled.


      EXCHANGES (if applicable)

      • We only replace items if they are defective or damaged right upon receiving the package.
      • You will be required to show us proof of the damaged/defective product before we can provide you with more instructions.
      • It is recommended to take a video before you open the package you received from us.

        Shipping & Returns


        • The average processing time we take is usually 3 to 10 business days. However, please note that the processing time can also be affected by the stock status of individual items, the time of the year, national holidays, etc.

        • If there is a pre-order product in your order, the package will be shipped out based on the product with the longest delivery date. If you want to receive some of the items earlier, please create an order separately from the pre-order items. In the case that an order has been made with pre-order items, please contact us regarding separate shipments. However, please note that there will be an additional shipping charge for separate shipments.
        • If the product you ordered is bulky or the quantity of the product is large, we might send out the order in multiple packages at our own discretion. There is no additional shipping charge in this case.
        • Products such as bulky dolls and/or blankets are vacuum-packed before shipping to reduce the size of the package. However, this does not damage or the product as the product would return to its original size once the package seal is opened.
        • We DO NOT offer shipping to PO boxes / mailboxes. If you enter your shipping address with a PO box or mail box number, shipping might be delayed or even returned to us (the sender). We are not responsible for any problems or extra costs incurred by this.
        • Orders are shipped out with FedEx.
        • On average, the delivery period will take as follows depending on the service you selected.
        Shipping Service Business Days
        FedEx International First® 1-3
        FedEx International Priority Express® 1-3
        FedEx International Priority® 1-4
        FedEx International Connect Plus® 1-4
        FedEx International Economy® 3-10
        • Please note that it may take longer than the delivery period below due to weather conditions, local conditions, customs issues, and other unforeseen circumstances.



        • If you wish to get a product for a loved one as a gift for their birthday or a special holiday, we DO NOT recommend getting it in the same month as the product might not arrive on time, especially during a busy month. Please place the order at least 1 month prior to ensure that it will arrive on time.
        • Also, please take note of shipping dates for pre-order items, as they will be sent out on a later date. We are not responsible for items that do not arrive on specific dates in that case.



        • When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be charged once the package arrive at your country. These charges are NOT INCLUDED in our product price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility as we are only charging the shipping fee for your order. The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country's laws and regulations, as well as restrictions to certain products that may apply when placing an order.
        • We are not responsible if the package is discarded or returned to us because you didn't pay customs taxes in your country. Refunds are NOT available in this case. Please check your country's laws regarding import taxes and duties. If you wish to have it reshipped to you, you will need to pay for extra shipping costs required.
        • When you order from our website, you consent that 1 or more packages will be sent to you and you MAY be charged with customs fees when it arrives to your country, depending on your country's policy.
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